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Jeff Goodman has been practicing law since 1985.

Jeff believes fervently in helping families achieve Positive Change by promoting effective communication and strategic negotiation to settle every case efficiently.

FAMILY LAW.  Jeff’s family law practice is focused on negotiated settlements to avoid the damage inflicted by the traditional approach of litigation.  Jeff seeks sensible solutions that meet the needs of the family through mediation, collaboration, and negotiation.  He has extensive experience working with complex parenting, property, and support matters, and with challenging family dynamics.

MEDIATION.  In mediation, Jeff acts as a neutral facilitating the process to find an acceptable outcome for the family.  As the neutral, Jeff helps couples have conversations they could not have themselves.  And as their mediator, Jeff is often able to identify opportunities for resolution that may not be apparent on the surface. 

COLLABORATION.  In a collaborative family law process, Jeff offers the family the opportunity to craft creative solutions in a confidential setting, and with a respectful and dignified approach.  This process integrates the attorneys and allied professionals to deliver a team problem-solving approach.

ESTATE PLANNING AND PROBATE ADMINISTRATION.  Jeff also has significant experience in estate planning and probate administration.  He understands the challenges that individuals and families face, and can guide his clients to optimal choices.

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Mr. Goodman has been a writer for legal publications, and a presenter at professional associations.  He has a bachelor’s degree from the University of Michigan and a law degree from Vanderbilt University College of Law. 

Jeff is a Certified Practitioner in the Academy of Professional Family Mediators, a member of the Association of Family and Court Conciliators, the Cincinnati Academy of Collaborative Professionals, the International Academy of Collaborative Professionals, and the local and state bar associations.

Jeffrey S. Goodman, JD: Resume
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